Architecture and design are represented in the canon by a diverse set of 18 different treasures from long ago to the present day. There are treasures and their creators that have gained wide awareness and general recognition, as well as lesser-known works and truly local treasures. Quality and the message were key criteria in this selection.

The 14 literary treasures selected include those works that have shaped Latvian literature and continue to influence it, starting with Mērnieku laiki (The Time of the Land Surveyors) by Reinis and Matīss Kaudzītis and ending with Vizma Belševica’s trilogy Bille. This body of treasures presents a synopsis of the Latvian language, culture and thinking.

The 12 musical treasures comprise both individually highlighted composers and compositions. Although interpreters of music are undeniably an important part of the music scene, it was deliberately decided not to list them here.

The 12 works selected in film mark important turning points in Latvian cinema, irrespective of their popularity. These films stand out for their outstanding artistic quality and fit perfectly into or even surpass global cinema trends. All the films included in Latvia’s cultural canon can be watched online at the National Cinema Centre portal

The Landscape section is the latest addition to Latvia’s cultural canon and was added in 2021. The eight canonical landscapes represent Latvia’s beauty and diversity, created through the interaction of natural forces and people.