Actor Uldis Pūcītis (1937–2000)

Among the brightest in the constellation of Latvian acting stars – both in theatre and film –, Uldis Pūcītis was gifted with manly features and gait, a rebellious charisma perhaps uncharacteristic of the perceivably stifled Soviet era, and a formidable acting talent that found full expression in both psychological and fourth-wall-busting theatre. Pūcītis embodied qualities that are important for actors but rarely coexist in a single person. He was emotional, with a volatile temper and an analytical mind, enabling him to emotionally incorporate and intellectually interpret his roles. Pūcītis’ acute sensitivity to current trends in life and art made him an ideal actor for several directors including the ones comprising the Latvian Culture Canon, namely Pēteris Pētersons, Adolf Shapiro, and Oļģerts Kroders. An exceptional performer and one of the most visible faces of theatre and film in 1960s–1980s, his appeal has nevertheless persisted across audiences of different generations and eras. In spring 2018, his role in “Four White Shirts” (Četri balti krekli, 1967) brought him before the eyes of the world during the film’s premiere at Cannes.

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