Director Oļģerts Kroders (1921–2012) and His Associate Theatre

”The only thing that truly worries me is violence,” the famed theatre director Oļģerts Kroders said in a 2006 interview. One is not surprised to hear this from a man who was deported to Siberia at a tender age and spent his youth and early maturity witnessing every manner of calamity. Thanks to, perhaps, a combination of luck, tenacity and a severely detached outlook, Kroders was able not only to survive but also return to the theatre 15 years later. In the 1970s, he set up the “associate theatre” in Valmiera, northern Latvia. It was one of the best-acclaimed troupes ever in Latvia, characterised by non-hierarchical relations and a free-thinking, democratic spirit. Nowadays, Kroders lives on as a byword for excellence in Latvian theatre – an annual theatre award named after him carries his legacy since 2014.

Piektais Hamlets = The fifth Hamlet: Oļģerts Kroders dokumentālajā filmā par teātri, smiekliem un vientulību [DVD]. (2009). Režisori: Krista Burāne, Mārtiņš Eihe. [Latvija]: Nomadi. Latvijas Nacionālās bibliotēkas Audiovizuālais krājums, Fdvd/521.

Režisors un aktieris Oļģerts Kroders [videokasete]. (2003). Dokumentālās filmas autore un režisore Ilona Brūvere. Rīga: Kinolats. Latvijas Nacionālās bibliotēkas Audiovizuālais krājums, Fvk/220.