Director Māra Ķimele's (1943) Psychological Theatre

A strong psychological tradition is a signature trait of Latvian theatre. Director Māra Ķimele’s productions in Latvian theatres, since 1969 up to the present day, probe deeply, identifying unconscious causes and processes behind what people do. Ķimele’s psychoanalytic method has enabled her to rediscover classics and modern works of Latvian and foreign drama. From early on in her career, she has expanded the boundaries of theatre, staging plays at unusual locations and finding inspiration in ritual and improvisational forms. A notable educator, Ķimele has trained generations of Latvian actors and directors, with students particularly singling out her non-conformist attitude and unvaryingly intense personality.

Mēnesis uz laukiem: JRT izrāde [videokasete]. ([2006]). Režisore Māra Ķimele. Rīga: Latvijas Televīzija. Latvijas Nacionālās bibliotēkas Audiovizuālais krājums, Fvk/251.